The Image Sensors and Imaging Systems conference hosted at Electronic Imaging

San Francisco

2017 Conference

Full room 2017
Photo credit: A. Darmont


IMSE 2017 has been held at the Hyatt Burlingame (San Francisco) over two days and was sponsored by CEA-Leti and OmniVision. EI 2017 happend between January 29th 2017 and February 2nd 2017. We had a rather large room that was several times full.

The conference was split into the following sessions:

  • Bayer pattern and image quality (opening keynote)
  • Input signal quality and characterization (joint session)
  • Emerging image sensors and hardware (joint session)
  • Comparing CMOS image sensors architectures (state-of-the-art keynote)
  • High performance imaging
  • Overview of Machine Vision standards (introductory short talk)
  • Sensor design and technology
  • Noise and performance
  • Automotive imaging (invited keynote)
  • Image and Sensor applications
  • In the quest of Vision Sensors on chip: Pre-processing sensors for data reduction (state-of-the-art keynote)

IMSE 2017 program [PDF]

Full EI 2017 program [PDF]

Keynotes and invited speakers

Bayer pattern and image quality, Jörg Kunze, Basler AG (Germany)

Silicon retina technology (Invited), Tobi Delbruck, Institute for Neuroinformatics (INI) (Switzerland)

CMOS image sensor pixel design and optimization, Boyd Fowler, OmniVision Technologies (United States) - PDF of the presentation

Designing VR video camera systems, Brian Cabral, Facebook, Inc. (United States) - YouTube video of the presentation

A 128x128, 34mm pitch, 8.9mW, 190mK NETD, TECless Uncooled IR bolometer image sensor with columnwise processing, Laurent Alacoque, Sébastien Martin, Wilfried Rabaud, Édith Beigné (Minatec), and Antoine Dupret, CEA (France)

Automotive imaging, Patrick Denny, Valeo (Ireland)

In the quest of vision-sensors-on-chip: Pre-processing sensors for data reduction, Angel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

Special sessions

Overview of machine vision standards, Arnaud Darmont, APHESA SPRL (Belgium)

Poster session

Best paper award: "A 128x128, 34um pitch, 8.9mW, 190mK NEDT, TECless Uncooled IR Bolometer image sensor with column-wise processing", Laurent Alacoque, Sébastien Martin, Wilfried Rabaud, Édith Beigné, and Antoine Dupret, USD 500.



Only the authors who chose to be published are present in the proceedings.

All proceedings are open access.

Open Access proceedings of IMSE 2017

Photo gallery

Pedro Santos (Awaiba)
Photo credit: A. Darmont
Full room 2017
Photo credit: A. Darmont
Patrick Denny (Valeo)
Photo credit: A. Darmont