The Image Sensors and Imaging Systems conference hosted at Electronic Imaging

San Francisco

2016 Conference


IMSE 2016 has been held at the Hilton San Francisco over two days and was sponsored by OmniVision. EI 2016 happened between February 14th 2016 and February 18th 2016, an unusual date because of the Superbowl in San Francisco.

The conference was split into the following sessions:

  • Image Sensors and Algorithms for High Dynamic Range
  • High Dynamic Range challenges (panel and floor discussion)
  • Novel Image Sensors and Image Sensor Technologies
  • Cameras and Systems
  • Algorithms for Image Sensors and Camera Systems
  • Noise, Defects and Characterization
  • Image Sensors and Systems for 3D Imaging (joint session)

IMSE 2016 program [PDF]

Full EI 2016 program [PDF]

Keynotes and invited speakers

Intel® RealSense Technology: Adding human-like sensing and interactions to computing devices, Achin Bhowmik, Intel Corporation (USA)

Special sessions

High Dynamic Range challenges (panel and floor discussion)

Poster session

Best paper award: "Non-negative Matrix Completion for the Enhancement of Snapshot Mosaic Multispectral Imagery”, Grigorios Tsagkatakis, Murali Jayapala, Bert Geelen, Panagiotis Tsakalides, USD 500.

Best student paper award: "A comparative noise analysis and measurement for n-type and p-type pixels with CMS technique”, Xiaoliang Ge, Bastien Mamdy, Albert Theuwissen, USD 500.



Only the authors who chose to be published are present in the proceedings.

All proceedings are open access.

Open Access proceedings of IMSE 2016

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